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Our actions are centered on satisfying your demands of life and on improving the quality of your stay. We completely focus our attention on our 78 guests (at most). Let us know what we can do for you.

We manage the ****S Ferien & Wellness Hotel Erfurths Bergfried ourselves. Therefore, we are able to offer you the required attention, peace and the possibility to retreat from the stressful everyday life. The sophisticated ambience created by the elegant country-house style of our hotel will promote your recovery and procure you a feeling of security as if you were at your own home. After having passed some time at our hotel, you will feel lighter and will be ready for tackling new challenges.

Our light and varied cuisine with its seasonal themes and our extended wine list with its focus on the excellent wines from the region of Baden, also contribute to this feeling.

As a member of the “Vereinigung der Naturparkwirte” (Association of Nature Park Hosts), the Bergfried offers you, at least twice per week, a regional menu with ingredients originating from the Nature Park Southern Black Forest. Thus, we support the local farmers, keep the ways of transport short and ensure the highest regional quality. For more information, please visit the website of the Nature Park Hosts.

As a member of the associations “Schmeck den Süden” (Taste the South) and “Haus der Baden-Württemberger Weine” (House of Wines from Baden-Wuerttemberg), we ensure to provide you first-class regional culinary sensations.

The sign “Schwarzwald Echte Gastlichkeit” (Black Forest Real Hospitality) also underlines our approach to raise your well-being with a unique combination of traditional culinary delights with the typical hospitality of the Black Forest.

Just enjoy yourself at our hotel in „Deutschlands schönster Genießerecke“ (Germany´s most beautiful gourmet region).

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